Failure Analysis


Coatings failure analysis is also available.  Many field and laboratory tests can discern the root cause for coatings failure.  Level 3 Coating Inspection, LLC maintains a field testing and sampling inventory to ensure investigation to completion.  These services coupled with specification review can not only identify repair procedures, but allow for prevention of failures on future projects. If there is litigation we can review depositions,  documentation and offer intelligent and articulate opinions and testimony.


As we have a Certified Industrial Hygienist on staff our technicians can offer sampling for quality purposes as well.  These include sampling for:


  • Manganese – a precursor for Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion – and other indications of bacteria and fungi that greatly accelerate corrosion.


  • Paint chip analysis for heavy metals content, including TCLP testing of used blast media.


  • Presence of Lead (Pb) and other heavy metals on older coatings .


  • Identification of existing binders for compatibility with new coatings


  • On-site or in-Lab services such as adhesion pull off data, Tooke Gauge readings and chemical reactivity tests (e.g., MEK rub, Coin scratch, Copper Sulfate)


  • On-site and in-Lab Microscopy, including video of internals and difficult to reach areas.


Our global network of associates gives us the added advantage of sourcing to provide solutions and best practices regardless of the challenges you face.

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