Coating Inspection

  • In Process Inspection

In-process, or full, inspection is the most thorough inspection for coating projects.  Independent certified inspectors follow the job progression and ensure the specification is enforced.  Without this level of observation, there is no verification of workmanship nor adherence to purchase order requirements.  Most coatings failures are attributable to a failure to follow specification and manufacture’s requirements.  In-process Inspection is the only reliable means to ensure engineered service life of the installed coating system.  ROI is typically 3 to 1 or more than installation without inspection.

  • Hold Point Inspection

Hold Point or partial inspection is sometimes used to decrease the cost of quality inspection.  This type of inspection allows the inspector to only observe the work at certain preordained tasks.  While such inspections are taken on by Level 3 Coating Inspection, LLC, critical steps such as mixing of paint go unobserved.  Assurance can only be made for the conditions observable at the time of the hold point inspection and it is therefore recommended that In-process Inspection be used on all coatings projects.

  • Soft Hat Diving Inspection

Industrial Slips, casino boats, Industrial outflows, aquariums, coastal installations.  In water inspections can save time and money.  We offer inland and coastal, in-water soft hat diving inspection.  These inspection services can include IMO surveys for inclusion in the Coating Technical File by our in-house marine coatings inspectors.   In addition to pleasure craft, industrial and entertainment vessels benefit from in-water inspection.

Many inland waterways use barges and smaller craft for commercial and industrial functions.  These areas often do not have dry or wet dock facilities to allow for coating inspections. Entertainment vessels, such as casinos, are often affixed to shore facilities.  These must be inspected in-water if coatings integrity is to be maintained. Our divers are NACE certified and provide these needed services. The latest in underwater communication and camera technologies are employed.  Video of the inspections are available.

  • Warranty Inspection

Coating Projects are costly. Utilizing 3rd party inspection during the warranty period can help to ensure your coating project provides cost-efficient protection of your asset for as long as possible.  Our warranty inspection service helps you to reduce costs by detecting defects or failures as early as possible so warranty claims can be established.  Catching problems early prevents little issues from becoming expensive fixes.   We strongly recommend that this be done at the one year anniversary of the system installation and again at least 6 months prior to the end of the warranty period. This is to protect the owner as well as the contractor and the paint manufacturer.

Typically a warranty inspection will involve visual inspection for defects in coatings such as foreign material, rust, peeling, blistering and other coating defects. Coating thickness is measured to insure there is not premature wearing of the coating. This process includes a review of the quality control documents from the installation and the original specification.

  • Asset Coating Survey

Coating surveys allow an owner to verify the status of protective systems.  They also are used to determine current value of assets for financing and due diligence purposes.  These surveys can be brief status surveys or in depth systems surveys to be the bench mark for long term (5, 10 & 20 year) maintenance programs.  With the data generated, Annual Cost of Coating System numbers can guide facility owners to the most cost efficient systems for their individual facilities.

  The industry standard for coating surveys is to have a Protective Coating Specialist (PCS) complete this work.  Level 3 Coating Inspection, LLC has 2 of the less than 300 PCSs in the USA on staff.  These surveys are a “must have” for the new engineer in a facility in developing a maintenance program.


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